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Kawasaki Offroad Performance Genuine Accessories Optimate TM-471 Lithium Battery Charger .8A

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  • The OptiMate TM-471 Maintenance Charger by TecMate
  • The OptiMate TM-471 is a 0.8 amp charger
  • It charges and/or maintains most 12V lithium batteries
  • Unique LiFePO4 battery protection
8-Step Program
  • Low volt start (0.5V)
  • Ultra low volt save
  • Low volt save cell monitoring
  • Test cell damage
  • Cell-balancing charge
  • Optimize
  • Test after charge
  • OptiMate maintenance
  • KX™ 450 19-22

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Optimate TM-471 Lithium Battery Charger .8A
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